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How do remote drum sessions work?

Discuss your project

Let's chat about your song and how to discover what kind of drumming you're looking for.

Send your music

Send me a rough mix of your song and I'll start recording drafts.

Check drum parts

You'll review some drafts to make sure we're on the right track.

Record final take

After your approval of a direction, I'll do a final take of your song.

Pay your way

I accept payment via Venmo or PayPal. Rates vary by complexity and/or duration of the track, but typically range between $50–$150 per song (does not include additional percussion)

Drums delivered

I send you the stems — the individual drum tracks for you or your engineer to place into your project.

line art illustration of mixing board, with four faders with knobs and a master bus

Want to turn your songs into a full-blown production?

Discuss your project

Tell me about your vision. Share some inspiring reference tracks. We'll come up with a plan to bring it all to life!

Send your songs

Whether you've started multitracking at home or you just have a voice memo of you and your guitar, send it over and I'll get started right away.

Review drafts

You'll hear your song develop with all the instrumentation and vibe we discussed. Give feedback to narrow in on the final direction.

Who's on what?

Need other instruments? No problem — I can provide drums, bass, electric guitar, synths, and percussion. Already have someone? I can import their tracks. I can also recommend additional top-notch studio musicians if needed.

Bring it on home

After we've got the final production in the bag, we prepare it for mixing, mastering, and distribution. These are additional services I can provide or you can take elsewhere.

Pay your way

I accept payment via Venmo or PayPal. Rates vary by complexity of production, but typically range between $300–$800 per song (does not include outside musician fees, mixing, or other services)

Selected Discography


Sean McKinstry



Ray Kingston



Deb Aufiero



Deb Aufiero


Warning Signs

Ray Kingston


Little Windows

John Dodson


To the Nines

Ray Kingston


We're Already Gone

Jared Fiske


What Happened Next

Ray Kingston


Falling Sky

Ray Kingston


Surface Tension

Ray Kingston


Holy Ground

Matt Dyer


Tango with the Moon

Donna Dufresne


Grey Dissolved Array

Zatsu Trio


Bridges & Payloads

The Folk Industry



Ray Kingston



Zatsu Trio


UConn Jazz, featuring Earl MacDonald and Jerry Bergonzi

UConn Jazz


Wind Ensemble 2000-2022

University of Connecticut Wind Ensemble


The Opposite Shore




Here's a selection of some of my recent releases.

Role: Drums, Percussion, Mixing, Effects

The Gods Shall Call Me King

Sean McKinstry
Destroyer (2024)

Sean is a fantastic songwriter, weaving vibrant stories, and this track exemplifies this with a slogging groove that tries to hold up a lamenting Ozymandias as he watches his world crumble around him.

Additionally featuring: Jared Fiske, guitars and production; Rob Adams, guitar; Jessica Adams, vocals; Kevin Outland, bass; Johnny Wheeler, piano

Role: Production, Drums, Synth, Bass, Electric Guitars, Mixing


Deb Aufiero
Golden [Single] (2022)

A visual storyteller, Deb's first release knocks it out of the park with this single. Wait till you hear the whole EP...

Additionally featuring: Brooks Milgate, piano and organ

Role: Drums, Percussion


John Dodson
Little Windows (2022)

A mid-tempo groove on a track from John's debut album. Includes an adventurous instrumental section flanked by some infectious songwriting.

Additionally featuring: Jeff Guerin, piano

Role: Drums, Percussion

With Everything

John Dodson
Little Windows (2022)

John asked for a "laid back, hammocky vibe." So I grabbed a grass brush in one hand and felt mallet in the other and this what happened.

Additionally featuring: Jeff Guerin, electric piano

Role: Drums, Percussion

It Don't Change a Thing

Jared Fiske
We're Already Gone (2021)

A dark, modern twist on a classic country waltz feel.

Additionally featuring: Seth Adams, upright bass; Cody Nilsen, steel guitar; Jim Chapdelaine, mastering

Role: Drums, Percussion

If My Blessings Can't Wait

Jared Fiske
We're Already Gone (2021)

Two-step with brushes on this uplifting Americana-style tune.

Additionally featuring: Seth Adams, upright bass; Jim Chapdelaine, mastering

Role: Production, Composition, All Instruments

What Happened Next

Ray Kingston (2020)

A big idea with drums, guitars, and synths started to come to life. But that was a different song. I got sidetracked, and this came out instead...

Role: Production, Orchestration, Drums, Percussion, Keys, Synth

Paranoid Android

Remote Collaboration (2020)

Jared and Seth and I used to play together a lot in the 90s and 00s. When the pandemic hit, we knew exactly what to do: a remote Radiohead cover! This production takes on 13 musicians — friends from all over the U.S. — rock band instrumentation, plus a few vocalists and some orchestral players. Oh, and a cardboard robot.

Additionally featuring: Jared Fiske, Seth Adams, Ray Kingston and special guests

black and white portrait of ray in front of a shelf of a few snare drums

About Ray

Drummer, producer, and mixing engineer Ray Kingston is a lifelong musician with a background in a variety of musical styles. Experienced in the studio and on stage, from seedy bars to symphonic halls, basement recording to state-of-the-art studios, he enjoys creative collaboration with musicians from all walks. Find Ray on Instagram or YouTube at Ray Kingston Music.

“Good lord. This is so good, Ray. I love where you took it. It feels alive now!”

—John Dodson

“Honestly, I'm blown away. Such a good direction. It feels authentic.”

—Deb Aufiero

“Ray, I’m loving what I'm hearing! Great work!”

—Rob Adams

“I say fuck to the yeah. Well done, Raymond.”

—Jared Fiske

“Absolutely loving it. This, and all the tunes. Really grateful you jumped into this head first. Not only bailed us out but gave us a damn good foundation to do something special with. Cheers!”

—Sean McKinstry

“Sounds really good. I like the production a lot. It’s supportive, shimmery and smart without demanding attention. Great job.”

—Jim Chapdelaine

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